About Us

QUANTSTACK empowers financial institutions to better serve borrowers online. Our core team consists of top-notch consumer lending experts, data scientists and software engineers, with key founders from major US credit card issuers, the pioneers in the use of information-based strategies in consumer finance. This data-driven DNA enabled us to quickly grow in emerging markets.

Today's consumer lending is being reshaped by the internet, smart phones and automation. We can facilitate this transformation with speed and accuracy.QUANTSTACK offers customized technology solutions for banks and other financial institutions with capabilities to improve efficiency, manage risk and reduce costs. Our fully staffed high-performing team will get our business partners ready to launch their online lending business in weeks.

Products and Services


Equipped with a suite of comprehensive and well-polished frameworks, QUANTSTACK excels at informing decision-making at both individual and business levels. Through the utilization of a variety of analytics tools, QuantStack is uniquely positioned to address critical challenges in customer acquisition, risk management, behavioral decision and strategy development.


Powered by extensive experience and expertise, QUANTSTACK specializes in designing and developing state-of-the-art technology solutions for businesses with evolving market paradigm.


Leveraging a holistic approach with proven methodologies, QUANTSTACK maximizes your operational capabilities with sustainable bottom-line results, by optimizing business cost while ensuring efficient and effective organizational.